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     Друзья! Можете нас поздравить: мы наконец-то успешно завершили весенний соревновательный сезон с приличными, я бы даже сказала, солидными результатами: проквалифицировались на региональные в трех классах: КЮР Первого уровня (два первых места с 66.4% и 67.4%), Второй уровень (одно второе и одно третье место с 66.4% и 65% соответственно) и КЮР Второго уровня (два первых места с 66.4% и 68.3%(!!!))  Результаты были определенно улучшены в результате непрерывных стартов - за последние восемь недель мы вырулили на среднюю линию  десять раз. 

     At the same time I managed to get bitten by flees, freaked out, went to the doctor, was so shocked - needed a drink.  Stoped by Mexican bar for a Margarita and met a very cute cowboy. This is a bit wild because he is only 25 years young.  He looked 30ish when I first seen him tho. When I found out he is only 25 I freaked out again and lyed about my age. I knocked 10 years down and said I am 28. He is riding bulls and bucking horses in rodeos and travels a lot. So I didn';t think it matters whatever I say. However it looks like we are talking on the phone a lot and making plans to see each other more. My friends are saying I need to tell him how old I m. It's so embarassing, because it's sounds terrible and I am in agony over the whole thing.
    To top it off a friend of mine who hauled my mare to and from the horse show noticed that "she isn't 16 hands" like I was claiming. I have a small horse and I m making her sound bigger because I can't stand them announcing that sheis just over 15 hands. 15 doesn't sound serious enough.... There you have it  I am a pathological lier and proud of it... kind of...How bad is that?
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